An integrated solution to take you from a POC to a centralized graph, across thousands of engineers.

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Tools for collaboration, observability, federation, and more.

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A central access point and hub for your team to stay up-to-date.


Automatic tests for breaking changes in CI, and more.


Full insight into exactly how your graph is being used.


Apollo Client

Manage your full app's state and connect to queries seamlessly.

Apollo Federation

A single graph composed from multiple underlying services.


Devtools and editor extensions for support directly in your workflow.


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The Apollo Graph Platform

A complete system to build, manage, and access a graph

Built on Apollo's core open source GraphQL client and server, the Apollo platform provides developer tools and services to speed development, secure your infrastructure, and scale the graph to multiple teams.

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A single map of all your data and services

Apollo provides one source of truth for the structure of your graph by tracking your schema in a central registry. The schema registry serves as a hub that coordinates all of the systems and tools that make up your graph while keeping your schema private.

View everything about your graph in one place – what data types exist, their documentation and interrelationships, the services that implement them, who’s using them, when they last changed, and more.

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A single map of all your data and services

Understand how your graph is changing over time with a complete version history. Use variants like staging and alpha to manage your development and deployment lifecycle.

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Easy to implement

Apollo functions as a gateway that sits between your apps and services. There’s no need to change your back-end, so you can be up and running in hours, not months.

Connect to any data source or service, from REST APIs to microservices to databases.

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Easy to implement

As your graph grows, federate your architecture so that each team can independently manage their part of the graph in the language of their choice, while coordinating the development lifecycle across the entire graph.

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Continuous graph development

Your API is agile for the first time – able to change multiple times a day in response to changing needs. Build your graph incrementally and ship changes quickly and with confidence, even across a large team.

Continuously validate proposed changes to the graph against actual production traffic, directly from your CI/CD system.

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Continuous graph development

When you push updates to the graph, the configuration of your production servers update live, thanks to automated central management of your GraphQL infrastructure.

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Empowering developer experience

Apollo is designed around developer productivity and includes a complete set of tools to get you into your flow state.

Get a boost from powerful developer tools like a VS Code integration that provides IntelliSense completion for your entire schema, validates queries, and even predicts performance as you type.

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Empowering developer experience

Bring cohesive type safety to your entire stack, from back-end service to UI, with type stub generators for TypeScript and native mobile platforms.

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Analytics and diagnostics

Understand graph behavior, optimize performance, and diagnose problems with the world’s only graph-aware tracing and analytics system.

Individual traces capture every detail of a graph operation’s execution down to the field level, including distributed query plans, resolver timing data, and GraphQL errors.

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Analytics and diagnostics

Understand which clients are using which parts of the graph—including historical client versions.

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Hardened and performant architecture

Apollo has the benefit of years of use by some of the world’s top apps and websites. It accommodates complex real-world use cases and demanding production environments.

Essential security features like safelisting ensure that you are in control of how the graph is used, rather than allowing any client to make any query.

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Hardened and performant architectureHardened and performant architecture

Industry-leading tools optimize time-to-interaction, from advanced server side rendering (SSR) support to highly configurable caching functionality— including integration with CDNs.

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Apollo's architecture separates the control plane and data plane. No personal data ever leaves your data center, and your services continue running uninterrupted even if the graph's management system goes down.

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The Apollo Graph Platform


The heart of your graph. Studio provides a single interface for your team to build, evolve, and consume your graph. It brings all the core services necessary in a Principled GraphQL -compliant graph, such as a versioned schema registry, federated deployment management, trace collection and aggregation, and more—all delivered as a managed cloud service.


An easy-to-use, highly scalable, open source framework for connecting services and data sources to the graph. Connect anything to the graph with just a few lines of JavaScript – or bring in GraphQL services written in other languages such as Java or Ruby. Use standalone, or use in gateway mode to create a distributed graph.


The industry standard library for building applications on top of a graph, available for React, native iOS and Android, and more. Write a GraphQL query, bind it to your UI, and Apollo Client does the rest.


A rich set of connectors and integrations bring graph awareness to your entire development lifecycle, from your editor to your CI/CD pipeline to your deployment and monitoring systems.

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